The Attract spell seed and the Repulse spell seed are primarily used, often with the Trap spell seed list or Area spell seeds, to create zones or locations that can either compel creatures to specific areas, or ward them from places. By default, this spell seed has a range of personal, but can be expanded with the Range and other spell seeds. Any creature under the effects of an Attraction/Repulsion spell takes a -2 penalty to any action that does not further them interacting with, protecting, or being near the target of the spell.

  • Compels a number of creature’s equal to 1HD or less to target. +1
  • Repels a number of creature’s equal to 1HD or less from target. +1
  • Increase maximum HD affected by 1. +1 ^
  • Subject becomes enthralled with the target of the spell, and will not move further than
    60 feet away from it. +3
  • Decrease range of enthrallment by -10 +2 ^^

^ Up to 20 Hit Dice
^^ To a minimum of 10ft.


The Infliction spell seed lays down some form of ailment on the target. Ranging from simple dazing, to full paralysis and even deep slumber.

  • Target becomes Confused for 1 round. +1
  • Target Cowers from you for 1 round. +1 ^
  • Target becomes Dazed for 1 round. +1
  • Target becomes Dazzled for 1 round. +1
  • Target becomes Exhausted. +3 ^^
  • Target becomes Fascinated for 1 minutes. +2
  • Target becomes Fatigued. +2
  • Target becomes Frightened for 1 round. +2
  • Target becomes Nauseated for 1 round. +2
  • Target becomes Panicked for 1 round. +3 ^
  • Target becoms Paralyzed for 1 round. +3
  • Target becomes Shaken for 1 round. +1
  • Target takes 1 point of Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma damage. +2 ^^
  • Increase Ability Damage by +1 point. +2

^ You may choose to have one or more targets cower from you, or other targets of the spell, if you can target more than 1 creature.
^ You must pay for Fatigued before buying Exhausted.
^ You must pay for Frightened before buying Panicked, and buy Shaken before buying Frightened.
^^ The ability damage lasts for 1 hour.


The Glamour spell seed covers any spell that increases or decreases NPC attitude towards the caster or another target of the caster’s spell. This ability can make the fiercest enemies into allies, or make long-time lovers into spiteful rivals.

  • Increase target’s attitude by 1 step for 1 minute. +2
  • Decrease target’s attitude by 1 step for 1 minute. +2
  • Increase duration of a component by 5 rounds. +1
  • Make Glamour permanent. +15


The slumber spell seed does as the name suggests, and puts the target(s) into a deep, catatonic state. While in slumber target’s are treated as unconscious, as per the effect.

  • Put 1HD worth of creature’s into a deep sleep for 1 round. +1
  • Increase HD limit by +1. +2 ^

^ Maximum of 2HD per Caster Level.


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