Spell Components

The Spell Component Seed is used to determine what sort of restrictions a spell needs to cast successfully. Some examples include “Vocal” components such as spoken chants or dialect; “Somatic” components such as arm or hand gestures; “Material” components such as magical regents, material worth, totems, talisman, scrolls, or the like. A Spell Component can be anything you and your DM agree on, it must be significant enough to impose some kind of detriment to the caster. (Such as sounds, visuals, cumbersome objects, memorization, locations, events, phases of the moon, etc)

  • Spell has 0 Components +3
  • Spell has 1 Component +1
  • Spell has 2 Components 0
  • Spell has 3 Components -1
  • Spell has 4 or more Components -3 (-1 for each component past 4)
  • Spell has a particularly difficult or complex component -5 ^

^ (Such as only cast-able in high temperatures, in moonlight, underwater, with a rhino’s horn, etc)

Casting Time

The Casting Time Spell Seed comprises how long it takes for a Neowalker to cast the crafted spell. By default it takes a Neowalker 1 minute to cast a spell (10 rounds), but can be modified to take LESS time (a higher cost in mana), or MORE time (for a return in mana)

  • -1 round to Casting Time +1 ^
  • Casting Time of Instantaneous +15
  • Casting Time of 1 hour -10

^ Minimum of 1 round. (9 mana)


Range determines how close or far a spell can be cast. By default a Spell’s Range is Touch.

  • Add 5 feet to the spell’s range +1 ^
  • Spell’s Range becomes “Far” +5 ^^
  • Spell’s Range becomes “Distant” +15 ^

^ This is considered “Close” range and has a maximum of 40ft allowed (8 mana)
^ Far Range means the spell can now be cast to a maximum of 120ft (29 mana)
^ Distant Range means the spell can be cast anywhere within eye sight (Up to 10 miles). (Can not cross planes or be cast on an object, person, or place you are scrying)
(Must have paid the cost for “Far” range before taking “Distant” range)


The Target Spell Seed determines how many and in what way your spell can target things. This includes spell shape, direction, and control. As well as number of possible targets, and types of targets. By default, a spell can target the caster of the spell (“Self”).

  • Single Target +2
  • 2 or more Targets 3 (3 per additional target)
  • Spell Shape is a “Wall” of 10ft wide and 10ft tall +2 ^
  • Spell Shape is a “Burst” of 10ft in diameter centered on the caster +2
  • Spell Shape is a “Cone” of 10ft at it’s end emanating from the caster +2
  • Spell Shape is a “Line” 10ft long originating from the caster +2
  • Spell Shape increases by 5ft (as appropriate) +1 ^^

^ The height of the wall increases by 5ft for every 15ft it gains in width.
^^ Only one spell shape can be chosen per spell cast.


This Seed details how long a spell can operate independently from it’s caster. By default this is instantaneous, meaning a spell resolves on the same turn it was cast, and has no lingering effects.

  • Spell has a duration of 1 round +1
  • Spell’s Duration increases by 1 round +1 ^
  • Spell has a duration of 1 day +15 ^^
  • Spell’s Duration increases by 1 day +3 ^

^ Spell’s Duration can not increase further than number of Caster Levels in rounds.
^ Spell must have a duration of 1 round before this effect can be applied.
^ Spell Duration can not increase beyond Caster Level / 3 Days.


This Spell Seed provides ways to make a spell “weaker” by giving enemies a way to resist the spell. By weakening the spell, it becomes increasingly cheaper. By Default a spell can not be resisted.

  • Spell can be resisted by Fortitude or Will or Reflex (Choose one) -2
  • Spell can be resisted by highest of Fortitude, Will, or Reflex -5
  • Spell can be resisted by some “other” effect. – (varies) ^
  • Spell can be resisted with “Spell Resistance” -3

^ This can be just about anything from “Demons” to “Fisherman” or even “People in direct sunlight”. The exact nature is up to you and your DM, and the price should vary betwee -1 and -10.

Additional Rules

Spells that cost 4 or less Mana have a Casting Time of Move Action and have 1 a Duration of 1 round for free.


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